Monday, August 20, 2018

BETA TESTING: Pirate Lenses

This past year, I did a thing.

I didn’t mean to do it. In fact, I meant to do the exact opposite of what I ended up doing.

Funny how life works out that way sometimes, isn’t it? But the good news is that terrible ideas can lead to great ideas … even if it takes longer than your pride would like to get you there. That's pretty much what happened to me.

So what’s this thing I’ve done?

What if I told you I had developed a system that helped you identify rhetorical bias in your news sources? What if I told you this system works on other information sources as well? Topic doesn't matter. Neither does charisma or background. The math treats everyone equally and the scores reveal the rhetoric style.

Would you be interested in tweeting me links to interviews with public figures who interest you in exchange for finding out where they land on my scale?

I hope so, because I now that I have my system, I’d really love to build a library while showing you how it can help you.

So what do I need?

This system is most accurate in analyzing dialog between equals. So I need LINKS to interviews and conversations.

Peer-to-peer conversations are best, and I would love links to clips or transcripts of interviews between people in the public eye.

Learn more about Pirate Lenses here.

Tweet LINKS to videos or transcripts of dialog @SheralynPratt and classify individuals of interest.

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