Sunday, February 11, 2018

First Paperback of 2018

Every so often people email me asking me when I'm going to start putting my books out in paperback. I've put it off for a number of reasons, but this year I decided to put all those reasons aside and put some books out.

The first offering?

The last book in the Rhea Jensen series, Walk of Infamy.

Now available at Amazon.

I intentionally wrote this book both as a conclusion to the series and a standalone for anyone who wants to read it as a supplement to the Pimpernel series, without having to read the whole series.

Hope you enjoy!!!


Rhea always knew she worked for powerful men, but she didn’t understand the full scope of their influence until she quit her job—or tried to. 

The clandestine group that calls themselves The Fours doesn’t accept two-week’s notice from employees. Instead, they’re demanding Rhea perform a final task of their choosing to earn a life free from their demands. 

Rhea knows whatever The Fours ask of her will be unlike any challenge she’s ever faced. She’s prepared for the worst, but what she’s about to learn is that groups like The Fours are a secret for a reason. 

Because no one gets to walk away from them. Not even Rhea.

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