Monday, May 9, 2016

Book 4 in Power of the Matchmaker: Love Is Come

Being on the road and walkabouting has thrown a wrench in me giving a timely shout out to the awesome Heather B. Moore and her release of Love Is Come. This book is the fourth book (although they can be read in any order) of the Power of the Matchmaker series (12 months, 12 books, 12 authors).

The series' matchmaker, Pearl, is certainly proving that she can handle every pairing that comes her way in this series.

In Love Is Come, by Heather B. Moore, we are treated to the gentle romance of two souls who a bit kinder than the world around them—so kind, in fact, that they threaten their own happiness by letting the stronger voices around them call the shots.

Nelle is an only child with a bit of privilege going for her and Mathew is the handsome farmer who has every intention of proposing to her cousin, Alice. Their paths never would have crossed except for the fact that tragedy strikes Nelle’s family and she is forced to go live with her aunt for the summer.

I like this book because it makes me think of all the times in life when we think that if something is meant to be that it will just fall into place. I thought about that a lot as I read this book—that fine balance between waiting for what fate serves up and going out and carving your own fate. But whatever side of the that philosophical question you may stand on, it's pretty clear that Nelle and Mathew are meant to be.

The question is: Will everything come together in a way where they actually get together?

If you’re in the mood for a sweet ride with two characters with hearts of guileless gold, Love Is Come is the book for you!

Content: Squeaky Clean

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