Friday, July 22, 2016

A Totally, TOTALLY Overdue Update

Okay, it’s WAAAAY past time for an update from me, right?

So here’s a little self-Q&A of all the things you need to know to be totally up to date.

Question: What’s the next book that will be coming out?

Answer: King of the Friend Zone on September 1, 2016.

Now if you’re thinking, “Hey, it was supposed to be Walk of Infamy,” you would be correct. So what happened? Well, I writing King of the Friend Zone as part of the awesome Power of the Matchmaker series, and one of the other authors asked to switch months for release dates, so I had to stop Walk of Infamy (which is very, very close to done, I assure you) and put both feet into getting King of the Friend Zone ready first.

SUPER sorry for the bait-and switch. The good news is, it’s very possible you’ll get two books very close together. So yay for that?

Question: What’s King of the Friend Zone about?

Answer: Happy you asked! Here’s a synopsis:

Esme Taylor has an amazing fiancé, a lifelong best friend, and a problem. The problem stems from the fact that her best friend is named Hunter and, well. . .he’s kind of (totally) hot. It’s hate at first sight when her fiancé, Jon, and Hunter meet. Jon’s convinced that Hunter is in love with Esme, and that Hunter must be out of the picture if their upcoming marriage is to succeed.

Esme thinks Jon is paranoid.

The truth is, Jon’s not that far off. Hunter is in love with his best friend and always has been. What Jon has wrong, however, is that Hunter never had any plans of ruining Esme’s happily ever after. Hunter wants what’s best for Esme, even if that’s not him.

When Jon pushes hard to end Esme and Hunter’s friendship, opposition comes from the most unlikely of places. It’s an eccentric lady with a cookie cart who suggests a different solution to Esme’s problem: Hunter and Esme should give each other a chance.

They’ve both thought of the possibility over the years—of course they have. But with a ring already on Esme’s finger and a heap of hurt feelings and broken trust in the mix, there hasn’t been a worse time to explore the depths of their feelings for each other.

Both Esme and Hunter think it’s time to move on and leave childhood crushes in the past. The question is: Can one woman and the taste of one cookie change their minds?

Question: What are the other books in the Power of the Matchmaker series?

Answer: It’s so crazy to me that 7 of the 12 Matchmaker books have already been released, and #8 will be released in a matter of DAYS.

Next is #9: September. Me. *gulp* (I hope you like it!)

But if you want to check out the other books in the series up until now, they are all up with tons of reviews to help you find your perfect fit! They are all different genres and all stand alone novels that can be read in any order.

Check them out.

April: Love is Come

September: King of the Friend Zone

October: To Move the World

November: How I Met Your Brother

December: The Reformer

And here's a look at all the covers so you know what they look like.

Got any other questions? Ask away in the comments, and I'll try to be a good author and answer them all in the next post.

How about that? :D


  1. Could you tell more about walk of infamy?

  2. So Walk of Infamy is the final book in the Rhea Jensen series, but it is also a standalone novel. If you like Pimpernel or the Rhea Jensen series, I definitely recommend it.

    Essentially, Rhea has a day of reckoning with a group she never knew she was working for until the day she decided to quit. The other books in the Rhea Jensen series are mysteries, but Walk of Infamy is more a game of cat-and-mouse with Rhea as the mouse with her life on the line.

    Again, if you like Pimpernel, I would put it on your list. If you've read the Rhea books, then Walk of Infamy is what happens between Rhea and "The Fours" on March 17th...

    Is that vague enough to be interesting? ;)