Monday, May 7, 2012

The Winds of Change... I Like Them :)

There’s going to be a little changing here on this blog.

Now some of you might be thinking, “Wait, I thought this was just a blog of randomness followed by further randomness, rarely relating one thing to another.”

And yes, you would be right. To date that was what you could expect here.

But today, that will change. Why? Because I actually have direction now. *pauses to allow gasps to subside*

So here’s the new deal:

I am participating in a new website that will be launching in the next month or so, and this site will be pointing people/writers with specific questions to specific blogs.

This fact quite naturally leads to the question, “Well, what will you be blogging about then?”

I’ll be blogging about why I know best, of course: kicking butt. Teaching martial arts for 12 years does give me a bit of a background--and of the skill sets I bring to the writing table, it is one of the more obscure. Plus, I would LOVE to teach classes on this or receive questions about action sequences.


And since I’m highly “fun” motivated, here we are.

So from this moment on this blog has to do with the various forms of butt-kickery and how to portray it in writing. Questions are welcome. I will either answer submitted questions myself, or link to videos that answer the question the same way I would.

This is going to be fun. Just you wait.

So let the fun begin J

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