Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Conversation With a Muse

Today's ongoing conversation with Rhea (verbatim):

Rhea: I don't think you're ready for this jelly...
Me: What? That's news to me, because I've never met a jelly I didn't like. Bring it.
Rhea: I don't think you're ready for this jelly...
Me: Did you not hear me? I said I'm ready for the the jelly. I'm totally jelly ready. Promise!
Rhea: I don't think you're ready for this...
Me: Really? Well, I thought I was, but now you have me second guessing...
Rhea: This story's too bootylicious for ya', babe.
Me: Really? For me, or for Deseret Book? Or for the part of me that entertains the idea that Deseret Book might actually like Book 5 and want to carry it. Which is it?
Rhea: *silence*

*Sits down in front of computer and opens Word document*

Me: Well, I'm here and I'm ready, so why don't we start small. There's gotta be some place to start.
Rhea: *silence*
Me: Seriously? Nothing?!
Rhea: You'll just end up rewriting it. You're in left field, babe.
Me: Well, then, loan me a compass. Show me where you want me, and I'll go. Promise.
Rhea: *silence*
Me: Rhea?
Rhea: I don't think you're ready for this jelly...

*Deep, calming breath*

All I can say is that Rhea is lucky that she's invisible and has the mystique of a muse. Because the fact remains that I have a draft of Book 5, and Rhea is very adamant that it needs some serious revamping--which is something she's never done to me before.

The good news of all this is that Rhea is definitely on the cusp of letting us all a little farther into her personal rabbit hole. The bad news is that we all have to wait for me to catch on to what she's trying to show me that I am so obviously missing.

If the Spidey sense on the back of my neck is worth anything (which is debatable at this point), then it will all be worth the wait. But send me happy thoughts, okay? Happy thoughts that I can pick up what Rhea is putting down and write it all at record speed and share it with you all :)

In the meantime, here's the theme song she's channeling.

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  1. Dzzzzzamn, girl! She's got something cooked up for ya, f'sho! This is gonna be Fuuuuuuuun! I respect a character who talks back to the chick at the keyboard, talkin' some, "Sweetpea, you ain't ready for me just yet. Nothin' but love fu ya, but you gots to percolate this puddin' for a while longer before it's ready to serve!" LOVE RHEA. And I think I speak for 99% of her/your readers when I say, let it stew girl - I'm putting my money on Rhea's instinct and yours that a story that demands its space/time will deliver the goods when we're ready :). Write on, girl, write on.