Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's Games

This post is like a week-and-a-half late, which means everyone else has moved on to bigger and better subjects than the usual new year boilerplate.

Well, not me. I'm actually excited for the year, because I don't have resolutions this year. I have GAMES.

Seriously, doesn't that sound WAY more fun? My friend introduced me to the concept, and I'm hooked. Now I have 4 new year's games to play throughout the year. I kind of want to make a scoreboard, too, to see which game I play the best.

Oh, and NONE of the games involve fitness or weight as a goal. *Phew* Some of the games might indirectly affect one of those areas, just like playing any game or sport might, but it's not the point.

SO love that about my games, too.

Anyway, I just thought I'd throw that out there, in case any of you want to play along. So far, I have to say, it's fun way to start a new year :)


  1. I would like more info on New Years games. It sounds much better than resolutions that never get completed.

  2. Yes! I need info too! Because, well. I basically have no clue what you just said. Except that you're having fun and I want to have fun, too!

  3. Oh, I guess a little more explanation is necessary, but really the overall point is create a game you WANT to win.

    For example: I've never liked the way I dress. Ridiculous, right? I've always walked into stores and thought, "Meh. I don't want any of it," and then just bought what was a good deal at the time.

    How in the world is that a good thing?

    Plus, it conditions me doubly in a bad way that when I see something I like, it a) is typically super pricey and I'm not used to investing in clothes so I use that as an out, and b) if I did get it, it wouldn't match anything in my closet anyway.

    Two excuses that are always handy not to invest in something I'd actually be excited to wear.

    So that's one of my games this year: to seek out clothes I'd like to wear, buy them, and walk down the street looking how I want to look.

    Some people come out of the womb doing this and refuse to leave the house until they're ready to turn heads. Somehow I've trained myself out of this, so that is why I chose it as one of my games:


    Raise your hand if you want to play that game with me :)