Sunday, January 2, 2011

Narrowing Down the Candidates

Okay, before I launch into your nominations, I must say I was pleased to find this review in the Mormon Times of City Limits (#3).


And now that the cheering has subsided, it's time--as promised--to reveal your nominations for best quotes from the Rhea Jensen. You will see the somewhat lengthy list of candidates by looking to your right sidebar. One thing to note is that I've allowed you to vote for multiple quotes, just to make it easy.

So vote away, and invite others to do the same if there's one quote you really want to win. Anyone can vote. We're a democracy here.

A big thanks to all those who nominated quotes. There are a lot of them there I never would have thought of. (Although Rachael, I think you win for "Most Unexpected Nominee." Too freakin' funny.)

I now look forward to seeing which quote wins, so get your vote on :)


  1. Such a fun contest! I love how your brain works, Sheralyn! Maybe if I ingested more folic acid . . . or maybe I can just blame my mother. :)

  2. Babe, it's fun because people like you come on, vote, and make it fun. Without you, and people like you, the fun-factor would soar like a brick with wings.

    So thanks for playing!