Thursday, July 15, 2010

Proper Motivation

Have you ever seen a picture that did more than thousands of words when it came to getting you off your butt and into action?

When I lived in Maui, I frequently hung out with Emily. Though I arrived to the island as white, pasty and flabby as the worst of tourists, six months on the island changed my body in small, happy ways. Before living in Maui, I could never tan. I just alternated between red and white. Since Maui, my skin now browns a bit. :) Also, daily visits to the beach and nearly daily Bikram yoga sessions tightened me up. Shorts I wore in Maui don't even make it mid-thigh on me now.

For over a year, I've been thinking about how I want to get back in shape--how I'm really only truly happy when I'm fit and ready to kick a little ***. But I've done nothing.

Then, this week, Em (who still lives on Maui) updated her profile pic on Facebook.

Yeah, I don't need to say anything. If you're reading this, you have eyes and are thinking the same thing I am: "I want to MOVE!"

Others of you who have known me for a while may be thinking: "Uh, Sheralyn? News flash: you've never looked that good."

Totally true. But a little voice inside me is whispering, "Push me and I'll show you what we can make this body do!"

So the day I saw this pic, I bit the bullet and signed up for something I've been mulling about for 6 months. Muay Thai. My budget has always been my excuse for not jumping in, but I'm not getting younger and if I don't give my body what it wants now, why should it give me what I want in 10 years?

So, Em, game on! You threw down the gauntlet by posting that picture and I accept your challenge! And next time we meet in Maui, I will not join you again as a white, flabby tourist.

Can't wait!!!!!

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