Monday, July 19, 2010

I Have Only One Horn to Toot This Week...

In fact, it might get a little annoying. I should reserve the right be annoying this week because I want EVERYONE to know that they can win $1,000 for a cause they are passionate about on August 7, 2010.

Great sponsors have partnered with me to create the Stalk Lake Scavenger Hunt for Non-Profit. Any team can compete for any cause they would like, because in the end, the winning team will say what their cause is, and my phenomenal sponsors will donate to that cause!

It's THAT easy!!!

Of course, there are a few rules, but not many. Basically, don't break the law and travel is only allowed by foot byut you can use any technology, split up your team, and only ONE team member needs to run from the beginning to the end. The rest can do whatever you device is the best strategy to win.

The goal: collect 10 clue cards at local businesses

The only team members who MUST be at the start line are:

The Team Captain: He/She gets the clues that lead to the businesses holding the cards
The Finisher: the only one who has to run the distance between Liberty and Pioneer Parks and cross the finish line with 10 cards in hand.


And not to give hints or anything, but a a savvy team may figure out in advance where cards are likely to be placed. This event is in honor of a fictional private investigator, after all.

YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SNOOP. Totally! Rhea gets the big bucks in her books because she is proactive. So should your team be!

This is the horn I'm tooting all week. If you're not interested, please pass this on to someone who might be. I just want to make sure no loses the chance to win this money for a great cause.

So visit this site and let's get your team signed up!


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