Monday, July 12, 2010

The Standard of Success

Once upon a time, I used to watch Xena. Whenever I confess this you will see a smile on my face because, well... wow. I watched Xena. And how can you not a little smile in bewilderment after one of those episodes?

My reasoning for watching was simple: if Xena can make it in this world, so can I! It was pretty much my motto back in the day when I self-published. Whenever a situation seemed insurmoutable, I would think to myself: If Xena can make it, so can I!

And it worked.

Xena, however, has been MIA for quite some time, and I've been subconsciously looking for something current to reframe my mantra around. Now rewind to last Saturday and imagine me walking around in you average grocery store, and passing the refridgerator section where the eggs and whip cream are. What do I see?!?

Hello, Xena 2.0!

Ta-da! The Batter Blaster!!! I mean, I'm a lazy cook, but really?!? This is a business?

Attention consumers: are you too lazy to put pre-made pancakes in a toaster or microwave? Is adding water and stirring JUST too much? Do you hate the laborious task of cleaning that mixing bowl and spoon when you're all done mixing? Well, then do WE HAVE THE PRODUCT FOR YOU!!!

Introducing the Organic Batter Blaster--pancakes in a can! All you do is squirt the compressed batter out of this whip cream-sized can on to a sizzling skillet, and VOILA! Instant(ish) Organic Pancakes!

And if you're wondering how much batter each can holds, picture a large whip cream can. That's the size. Table for one?

Deep in my heart I love this product. I truly hope it succeeds so that every time I walk into a grocery store I can see it and think, If the Batter Blaster can make it in this world, so can I :)


  1. We did these Christmas morning a couple of years ago! The boys thought it was awesome! Kind of expensive for the "norm", but a fun novelty!

  2. It's good to have a testimonial about the product--and also evidence that it has been around a while :) YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

    That totally sounds like a fun Christmas--with little clean up :)

  3. I'll stick with the mix from a box. They sample these at Costco and I always laugh thinking one of my boys would use the entire bottle just for their breakfast. Those are some dang expensive pancakes! Plus I've seen what my kids do with the bottles of whip cream, not sure I'd want to let them loose with pancake batter!

  4. ROFL! And you know what's really weird? I totally get that logic!

    (and I was a Xena fan too!)

  5. Kathy, I think that even *I* might use the whole can in one sitting. The hard thing about cans like that is you have no idea how much you're saving when you stick that in the fridge. One pancake? Three? Ten? Several drops?

    And Ali, I'm glad you feel me on this one :)

  6. P.S. This post totally bit me in the butt on an interview I did today about the book. The interviewer started the interview with how she had seen on my blog how much I love Xena.

    I'll have to post the link when it hits. I almost fell over laughing.

  7. She-ra! You will always be a warrior princess to me! As for the pancakes I am totally going to do those! JK My kids love pancakes and they are so cheap to whip up buying the can seems a little sad. But, I agree if they can exist so can I! Thanks for the pick me up!