Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I Learned at Ogden Costco...

#1- While it may be deemed normal for dogs to drink from a toilet, something seems especially digusting about dogs drinking out of public toilets... seeing eye dogs really deserve better, it seems.

#2- I now know how to spot security in a Costco. Oh yes, you are being watched...

#3- I want a Vita-Mix, and I want it NOW!

#4- Buffalo cheese does not come from actual buffalos (which makes sense, because I can't really imagine anyone milking one).

#5- Fireworks have gone up in price since I was a kid. $150 was the big box when I was younger. Now the "smaller" combo pack is $170 and the biggest is $340. I didn't check to see what Costco's discount was.

#6-It's too early for me to wear capris. My legs need to see a little more sun before I expose them to the world.

That's all I got this time. No fashion advice, as it was sorely lacking on this particular visit. the current trend in Odgen appears to be: whatever allows the most air flow.

Note taken.


  1. Too funny! I definitely want to sign in Costco lol.

  2. You are so hilarious! And what can you expect fashion wise in Ogden? I'm just saying...

  3. I would say one thing you can expect is tattoo fashion in Ogden. LOTS of tattoos! I get most tattoos--arms, legs, backs, tramp stamps-- I get the mentality there to a degree. But there's a growing trend of women getting ink on their collarbones, sternums, and breasts. That I don't understand as much.

    Can anyone out there explain what that growing trend is about?