Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Twilight Moms, Twilight Night

Tonight I got to spend the evening with the Twilight Moms at Jordan Landing. Mad props to Liz, who gave me the idea to do a signing there! Also, a huge thanks to the 20 strangers who decided to take a chance on my book. Crossing my fingers that you love it :)

A highlight of the night: I bartered a book for a Twilight shirt at Fork's Gift Shop (only mine is pink). Now granted, Twilight has greater fans than I, but I do love Alice and Jasper. And the actress who plays the role in the movies is the best part of the show for me (I wonder if she'd want to play Rhea?), so I'm all about pimpin' some Alice gear.
Bartering a Rhea book for Alice shirt? *channels guy from Dances with (Were?)Wolves* "Good trade!"

Non-highlight of the night: no pictures. Seriously, I need to start taking pictures. Blogs are just more interesting with pics... at least for me... and I'm really too tired to say anything else, except that part of the reason I am tired is bacause I stayed up until midnight watching Xanadu, trying to ressurect joy-joy feelings the show inspired me with as a child.

Wow. Unbearably horrible. Really. Yet I LOVED it as a child. Now I know why the room was always vacated whenever I stuck it into the VCR. I also worshipped Thunder Cats as a child. Several years back I saw a re-run and was baffled at how slowly the characters were talking. I barely listened for 10 seconds before silently screaming and changing the channel.

Isn't it crazy how we outgrow things? I guess I need to judge children less harshly who enjoy Barney, Wiggles, and Sponge Bob. Really, I have no room to judge, it seems. None at all.


  1. After seeing the third installment of the "Twilight Saga", I am all for getting Alice Cullen to play Rhea. She would be perfect! Here are the top 5 reasons why it's a great idea:

    1. She is a perfect physical match to Rhea.
    2. She is super tough....but
    3. She is so sexy and feminine at the same time. Perfect example: when Jasper tries to teach Alice how to fight newborns (Eclipse).
    4. She's a great actress and could get right into Rhea's head.
    5. With the Twilight saga under her belt, everyone would come to see the movie!

    Done and done...let's get her a contract asap!


  2. Lol. That was fun when Jasper was trying to teach her fight in Eclipse. It must be hard to fight a psychic. And double props for the actors doing their own stunts. FUN!

    So, Ashley Greene has a vote... any others? :)

  3. So, maybe it's because I'm still LOST-ified, but I pictured Evangeline Lily. She's good at that tough-girl/vulnerable girl duality that is rich in Rhea's character.

    I also couldn't get Amy Adams out of my head. At first, this really annoyed me, but the more I played with the idea, the more I liked it. You kept mentioning how Rhea doesn't really look threatening, and so I kept thinking about Amy Adams... who, after Enchanted, doesn't seem threatening AT ALL, but I don't know. Gut instinct tells me she could play tough if she needed to. Thoughts?

  4. Evangeline Lily is a GREAT fit as far as physical type. I'd love to see her play someone other than Kate to see her versatility. There's a fluidity Rhea needs, and a chameleon-like aura.

    And Amy Adams... there's a thought. I guess I just never saw Rhea as that white. Shhhh, super secret insider scoop, but the model for Rhea as far as looks goes is Nelly Fertado. Rhea's dad is white but her mom is Persian. That's one of the things you don't really know until Kay starts talking.