Monday, June 21, 2010

A Skill I'll Never Have...

I get vertigo just watching. My record is 60 feet... and I'm not too anxious to repeat it.


  1. Thanks, Sheralyn. I now feel ill. My record is maybe 10 ft. :)

  2. Seriously, when they're panning up to the platform, I start to get dizzy! I remember seeing someone do a high jump back in the 80s (probably when this was filmed), and I think they jumped from like 30-something meters, but not from this high.


  3. That is a man with great faith... and even greater balance. I have terrible vertigo. I was okay watching, but I know I could never do what he did, even if someone was chasing me with a gee you en. A public pool's high dive is too much for me. :(

  4. Indeed... I honestly believe an untrained person could die from that height. I know in Hawaii that some of the people who jumped from 60 feet blacked out and we had to swim out to pull them to land until they woke up.

    Total respect... but I have NO desire to try it. Oi!