Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things I Learned From Costco

I had the opportunity to do a signing at the Ogden Costco this evening--my first true, blue signing-- and this is what I learned.

  • Pink is "in" this year--no matter what a fashion magazine may say to the contrary.
  • Those yellow and red cherries with a weird name are totally good!
  • They stock my books between "Twilight" and "Savor the Moment" (Nora Roberts). Chances of people seeing my book? Very high. Chances of them buying it over the competition? Laughable :)
  • People in Ogden are totally nice.
  • Costco sells my book for $8.99. Rock on!
  • "The Passage" is out. I was totally amped to read that book when I first heard about it, but after looking at the 750 pages of itsy-bitsy print, I think I went into a momentary word coma... probably not reading it in the near future...
  • I fidget. Never knew that.
  • And last, but not least, IKEA's "Daim" (which I pronounce da-yim, despite the fact it is incorrect--I believe it to be a more accurate English pronunciation) chocolates are sorely lacking from the diet of Ogden-ites. The campaign to introduce them to this tasty treat must continue :)

More wisdom to come, I'm sure!


  1. Hilarious! I was actually at Costco yesterday and bought a membership - for the first time in my life! Yeah, I've been holding out . . . and I hate to shop, except for books.

    But I didn't see your book in my Albuquerque Costco . . . or is that a Utah Costco thing? :-)

  2. You're hilarious. Here I was thinking I'd receive some much-needed wisdom about how to pull off a successful signing, instead I got a good laugh. :) And fidgeting is good exercise. At least that's what I've always told myself.

  3. A signing! How exciting. Great list. I hope lots of people decide to buy your well-placed book!

  4. Kimberly, I'm still holding out for my own Costco membership. My mom got me in on her Sam's Club membership, which was totally sweet of her, but Sam's Club is no Costco. Even without any other competition, I think Sam's Club still takes like 5th place, or something.

    And Rachael... I'll work on the wisdom bit, but all I've got is the advice to be authentic and let the rest follow.

    And Angie, Amen ;P

  5. Love your wisdom. Can't wait for more! You really can learn a lot from Costco.

  6. I like that you've turned the Daim pronunciation into a Hebrew plural. In reality, though, it sounds just like dime.

    The Dane was sad when Ikea started selling Daim bars in the US. It was no longer a special treat that only he could provide. When he first visited Alaska he brought about 20 Daim bars... that's why I am no longer able to eat them.