Monday, June 14, 2010

What I Learned from Murray Costco

The best part of doing signings at Costco may just be all the vicarious shopping an author gets to do. You can tell a lot about a person by looking in their shopping cart!

One cart contained about 6 boxes of granola bars, grape juice, Ex-lax and Prilosec. Another, candy, candy, candy, candy, cups, and olives.

I passed (punny) on asking about the first cart but I did inquire about the second: it was for a wedding with a candy bar... still trying to figure out the olives... :)

Every cart is different and Costco, and the contents vary from entire playgrounds to bedsheets and bacon. I don't know where they hide it all, but Costco may very well have everything!

As for what I learned, here we go:

  • Belts look best on people who technically don't need them
  • It is "in" to turn full-length pants into capris with one fold mid-shin (this fad will pass quickly, methinks--especially when paired with gladiator sandals)
  • Everyone is going camping but me
  • Don't pass me 4 times, or you will succumb to my charm
  • My old drama teacher is doing great
  • My friend's son just got back from his honeymoon and needs a refridgerator
  • I am very good at selling other author's books--maybe too good...
  • When pronounced correctly, American children have no interest in eating Daims.
  • Kindles/Nooks kind of rock... even if I still technically prefer books
  • Strangely enough, no one wants to buy a magazine when the magazine rack is positioned behind a signing author
  • If only I had stayed 4 hours longer, I might have run into someone I knew :)

As a side note, Welcome to Stalk Lake City goes to press tomorrow, all new and improved and stuff. I think I'll be up until 2 proifing it, but the good news I finally know what the dedication will be. Nothing felt right until I got it right. And now, I feel peace :)


  1. Love it- and it's certainly true about the magazine rack... I miss Costco. When is your next signing?

  2. It takes 4 passes to succumb to your charm? I don't think so! :) I'm glad you figured out the dedication and hope you got some sleep last night.

  3. Thursday at Murray, 4-7pm. If you're in the neighborhood, feel free to drop by. Friendly faces welcome!

    And yes, Rachael, I got 3 hours. And when I brought in the manuscript it was discovered that I was revealed that 16 MORE pages needed to be cut for length by the end of the day... that was fun ;)

    Some joys only we authors know...

  4. Good luck, and congrats! this makes two down, and how many left to go? such amazing progress!

  5. Could that be MY son?? :) Did you get to meet the Mrs.? Isn't she awesome in every way? Fortunately his fridge broke before he left so they could clear out the rot potential pre-honeymoon. I haven't seen them yet. I'm in Denver with the munchkin for a lacrosse tournament. Which is why I had to miss your Costco appearances. Sad. And for the record...Costco is my happy place. I blog about it regularly :) SO HAPPY FOR YOU and your success m'dear! XOXO

  6. Holy crap- I totally fold up my jeans and wear gladiator sandals. Sorry to have missed all your awesomeness at the Costcos. I'm at a Costco at least twice a week, but have been traveling so I missed you.
    And, I always feel super neat when the only thing in my Costco cart is a jumbo pack of tampons and Dino Nuggets. Just the necessities.
    -Sarah R.

  7. Nice necessities :)

    I really do need to do another Costco post, because I learn so much every time :)

    Until then, rock the sandals and hope to see you at Costco!!!