Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Infinite Days: Bookmark It, and Read It if You Like YA!!

Sometimes I think I have pretty decent writing chops. Then I read a book like this and reconsider.
Rebecca Maizel's debut novel doesn't come out until August, but bookmark it in your mind as one I highly, HIGHLY recommend. While in NY, several agents spoke on how their authors' upcoming books were exceptional. When they were done, some handed out free ARCs. This book was one of them.
More than two weeks passed with this book sitting in my luggage. Tragic, that. Then last night, I started "Infinite Days" at about eleven, just to give the first chapter a peek. I kept reading until the the clock said five a.m. and I had turned the last page.
Love it! And I'm not even into vampires!
"Infinite Days" is the story of a vicious vampire queen who is turned back into a human by her sire after 500 years of being undead. This book never takes the trite, easy road. Just because Lenah is no longer a vampire, it doesn't mean she's a sixteen year-old girl either. She's killed. She's hunted. She's tasted flesh on every continent. More than that, she is the mother/founder of a powerful vampire coven that will search to the ends of the earth until it finds her.
But being able to touch, breath, cry, eat, mourn, and simply care about something/one other than herself is all Lenah has wanted for centuries. And Rhode, the vampire who started her undead existence because he fell in love with her, changes her back to a human for the exact same reason. Because he loves her, and wants her to have the life he stole from her. And as much as Lenah wants that for herself, she still has her memories. She knows who she is, what she's been, and what is coming for her.
And all she can do until her day of reckoning comes is just be human.
LOVED this book. Highly recommend it when it hits shelves this August!

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