Thursday, May 6, 2010


Attention: Reading Fans!

As a count down to the book launch of City of Angels, I have teamed up with other authors to give away a book a month on this site! (Check out the PRIZES tab!) Some of the giveaways are sponsored by me, and if so, I will specify that. Otherwise, you are getting the rare treat of having the book sent to you directly from the author so that they can personalize it anyway you like! Get great books for yourself or as a present EVERY DAY starting May 10th and ending on June 7th, the launch date of the City of Angels.

So how does this work?

Every day there will be a new riddle or challenge that will require a little bit of work to find the answer. The first person to get it right in the comments section wins!

What are the rules?

(1) To win, you MUST be a follower of the blog, so find the Follower section right now and sign yourself up!
(2) You must answer the day's challenge correctly
(3) You must be the first to answer it correctly (all the more reason to "Follow" now so you don't waste precious time later
(4) If 10 people ask for a clue before the question is answered correctly, I will provide a hint.
(5) Contact me with your book choice, personalization request and address
(6) Books sent within continental United States only
(7) You can win ONCE, but after that feel free to help your friends and family win!

It's THAT easy! And hopefully ridiculously fun, because that's what it's all about!

Check in each day and win! What could be more fun than that :)

Oh, and feel free to share this with anyone (if you don't mind the competition)

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