Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm Typing as Fast as I Can! *pant-pant* I Swear!

So my first book comes out in June. That book is finished and to the press.

My second book is due out in August... that one is not finished nor to the press.

To the writers of the world, I offer this advice: do not release two books two months apart. Releasing 4 in 6 months? I'm pretty sure that's insanity, but oh well! It means that 2010 will NOT be a boring year for me!

So, if I don't answer my phone or get back to personal emails, sowwy :(

But Margot, if you notice me missing your birthday party then text me, because that just means I'm in a time vacuum and I'll hit myself if I come out of it on my own only to discover that I've missed something as significant as a birthday!

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