Monday, May 10, 2010


Days to Book Launch: 28
Days to BEA in NYC: 14

Alright, everyone checked into work, looked over email, and settled in? Are all kids safely deposited at school and carpools returned home?

Then let the fun begin!

Before that, though, one quick disclaimer: People have asked me if it's going to be Rhea trivia on this site all month and the answer is NO. There might be a few questions pertaining to Rhea and very likely based in other books, but the questions will be actual trivia that anyone can answer. :)

Today's challenge is a rare exception, though. As a reminder that I want to hear from you, today is all about the comments. No trivia involved--just the ability to leave a comment! Easy, easy, EASY! The hardest part is picking the number that will be the winner... talk about a mind bender, so I won't think about it to hard and just say the magic number is 68.

The 68th comment wins.

Can you leave multiple comments? Yes.
Can one person leave all 68? Yes.
Do the comments have to say anything profound? No.
Do they have to be longer than a word? No.
Will they be deleted if they're naughty words? Yes.

I think that covers it...



  1. I am also THIRD - Can I get a What What?!

  2. Heck to the yes I am number 5!!! Goal: be number 7, 14 and 24.

  3. Margot, I love how you post!

    First off: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Yay!

    Second, I hope you love the changes. You may be shocked at what I changed in Book 2.

    Can't wait to see you at the party (both mine and yours)!

  4. Okay, you crazy woman, you, here's my few words :-)

  5. I think everyone's waiting for the build up to build up so they can hop on at #68!

  6. Wish I had the time to do 10 more, but I don't :-( Good luck y'all.

  7. I can't wait to read the new revised books!

  8. Did I mention that I have the other 3?

  9. Hmm, I think I missed it. Oh well. Love your books and can't wait for the new versions!

  10. And Jen WINS with the strategically placed post!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations on being the first winner! (And thanks to all you who seeded it for her! Tomorrow is a new day... with a book-related trivia question.)

    Pick your prize, Jen!

  11. Man, that was Close!!! Congrats, Jen :)

  12. oh, crap. i was waiting and waiting, and then i had to walk away from my computer and i missed it. fail. on another note, sheralyn - we need to get together someday!!

  13. Yay me! I don't have Outlook, so your contact link didn't work for me. My email is shoestringdiaries (at) gmail (dot) com.