Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Hate GoDaddy

I may repent for this post later. Who knows, maybe one day I'll see through GoDaddy's eyes and it will be a vision of beauty, but this moment, I HATE THEM.

Yes, hate. It's a strong word, but it is what it is. Kind of like frustration. Annoyance. Agitation. Unreasonable fury.

I got my domain through them, no problem. The hosting is a disaster, though. Zero helping getting things set up, but all the help in the world to add service after "service"--and they don't stop pitching it even after you've bought it.

Already have a domain and hosting? Well, clearly you need MORE domains to host and a thousand little add-ons to track how good of site you have, create a hundred email addresses, buy every extension to your current domain, track analytics, certify your website, monetize your website, buy templates to use for your website (none free and no tools to use like nearly every other host provides, but they don't tell you that going in), and more.

For example: It's SUPPOSED to have a 1-Click WordPress install, but everytime I try to use it, all it does is direct me to buy another domain.

So, yeah... hating godaddy right now, and just had to let it out for whoever might trip over this. I might just start over with wordpress and use this site to redirect...

That is if I can get godaddy and wordpress to shake hands. Both sites say they love each other and are compatible.

So why the war?

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