Thursday, April 8, 2010

Book Trailer & More!

Okay, so I'm excited! The potential for a killer book trailer is sitting in front of me and I just have to grab it :) As usual, it's not going to happen as quickly as I would like, but that's life, right? Or at least business. What matters is that I have all the key elements in place :)

I think I need more smiley faces :):):):):):):):):):):)

In the mean time I get to re-write the end of Stalk Lake City and go over the final proof of book 1. My poor editor. I'm cutting quite a bit more, now that I printed it out and am not looking at it on a screen (why do things read so differently on paper?) and adding lines here and there when all I'm supposed to do is OK her suggestions.

Woops! Hope she doesn't mind the work... But really, there might be something wrong with me, because as a writer, I LOVE to cut anything I can. If I can turn 3 pages into a sentence, ROCK ON!

Which is what I should be doing now, really, but I am just so stoked because little bits and pieces are starting to come together including something VERY COOL that I need to finalize before I can announce it. I'm so bad when it comes to mentioning things I don't plan on explaining, but if I talk about them before they're set in stone I might jinx them.

I'm supersticious like that. So back to work, I guess, so I can actually tell you what I'm doing :)

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