Saturday, April 3, 2010


There's a certain kind of beauty at being given a second chance on a book. Not only have I grown as writer in the past six years (I hope), but I love being able to incorporate more action into all the books. Book 1 has a bit more action, but it's all the books following it where I'm really turning up the base, so to speak ;) Not only will this make the books more fun, but it will also better address the question I get frequently from readers as to... wait, that's a spoiler... uh... it will better answer the question of why Rhea has the motivations she does.

There. Is that appropriately vague?

For those of you who don't know me that well, I l-o-v-e me some spoilers. I think because knowing what's coming clears up RAM in my brain for other things, rather than having me constantly speculate of what might be and get nothing else done in the process. This is also why I try not to watch TV. I can get rather obsessed with what *might* be in the next episode.

Still haven't launched this site yet... I'm looking into web hosts, but I kind of want to wait until I have all my extra goodies to make my "real" site.


  1. You have a blog! Yay! And I discovered it! Mwah hah hah... ;)

  2. Hmmmm.... I can't get your followers widget to work. I will try back later.