Thursday, January 14, 2016

Swoony Award Pick!

I have to confess that from the moment I heard that there was such a thing as a Swoony Award, I wanted one.

Swoony just sounds so fun! And if I'm going to have an award on my shelf, Swoony pretty much tops the list as Best Name EVER.

So I wanted one. And while I technically didn't win one, I did get a Book Favorite of the Year by one of the judges (thanks, Katie!) so I'll joyously bask in that.

This year: Fave Pick.
Next year: Fave Pick AND a Swoony!

Is it greedy to want to much? Maybe.

Is it a worthy goal? Totally!

So thank you all for reading my books, and if you're looking for another clean read that has been vetted and recommended, check out the Swoony Award winners by clicking here.

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