Wednesday, January 20, 2016

If You Pre-Ordered Pimpernel

Those of you who pre-ordered Pimpernel may notice that you got more than the average amount of typos in your final book. For this, I sincerely apologize.

The short version for why there are so many typos is that the story took 3 weeks longer to write than planned and Amazon demanded the final manuscript a week earlier than the last time I put a book up for pre-order. Add that to editors taking a Christmas break, and you have my perfect storm.

So, among other things, I learned that releasing books in January is not something I should repeat.

That said, if you did me the high honor of pre-ordering and have a copy of the book with more typos than you would like, try these two solutions:

  1. Turn on your Automatic Book Updates on your Kindle. Hopefully, this will allow you to get the new version hassle-free. (Instructions here)
  2. If automatic book updates fail you for some reason, message me on FB. I'll get things sorted.

Hope you love the book. And to thank all you who pre-ordered, I'll make it so all those who pre-order The Third Wheel only pay $2.99, and the day after it comes out it will go up to $4.99. Gotta say thank you somehow, right?

Thank you for your support!


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