Sunday, September 13, 2015

The First of MANY Surveys

As a writer, I am constantly curious about what’s going on inside people heads. Last year, for my birthday, I put up a survey of random questions. About 100 people participated and chose to fill it out, and some people expressed a desire to see survey results.

So here I am (almost a year later), thinking it would be fun to put up a poll each week with different types of questions. Some weeks the questions might be funny, some weeks might be a little more personal, and others (like this one) might be random research.

The goal will be to post new polls on Monday, and post poll results on Sunday.


Some weeks (like this one) you probably won’t care about the anonymity. Other weeks you might. Just know that in either case, I don’t know who is answering and I won’t put any work into finding out. I’ll just look at the answers and post the most popular results in an infographic.

Sound fun? Then answer the 5 questions below, then feel free to share this page on social media. The more responses we get, the better!

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