Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not-So Top Secret, But Kind of Embarrassing...

I have a confession: I like fanvids of TV shows on youtube.

Sometimes, when I want to take a frivolous and unnecessary break from writing, I look up fanvids to see shows through the eyes of devout fans and shippers. Fanvids were the gateway drugs that got me to watch full series like "Chuck" (insert html heart here, because I LOVE that show) and "Legend of the Seeker," among others.

Sometimes, I dare say, the fan vids are better than the actual episodes they're taken from. And more than once they've gotten me to see a dynamic I was missing before (which, for a writer, is a special kind of high). So while I've never posted a fanvid myself, I applaud the people who love the fictional characters of others enough to make them themselves

I confess all this because today I stumbled across the link of a "Caskett" (Castle/Beckett) shipper who has made a video to remind fellow fans of the dynamic that they all fell in love with that the show has all but lost. I, for one, LOVED seasons 1 and 2 of Castle. Season 3 felt like it fell off track and season 4 has basically just felt like a freefall--one I'm still hoping they can pull out of by returning to the very thing that got me hooked.

"And what is that?" you ask.

Well, I'm glad you asked, because this fanvid illustrates it PERFECTLY!!!

Here's to hoping that Castle finds its way back to a place like this :)

Any shows you're hoping will come back next season? (Read: Any fanvids you think I should check out to see if I want to get hooked on another show?)


  1. I miss them. Writers made a huge mistake with season 3 and they've been spinning ever since to recover. It's not working. And it's a show I analyze WAY too much ;)

  2. Me, too! And I'm glad you see the same problem with season 3 as I did. I have these theories about what has to happen in season 3 if a show wants to make it past season 5. Castle broke all those rules, so I'm mainly tuning in to see if it makes it to season 6 to see if my theories continue to prove true. In it's current tail spin I don't see Castle making past season 5.

    Sad. :(

    We should totally be writing nerds and analyze the show together, though. That will turn a frown upside down, if only temporarily.

  3. That person did a good job! And you're so right! Where is all the wit, the banter, the WRITING? Season four, you suck. =[

  4. I know... some shows should not go down heavy, deep, dark rabbit holes. I do wonder if they could resurrect the show by making our leading man fun again... he's just starting to look old and tired... like he doesn't know why he shows up at the station anymore, except out of habit.

    But yeah, girl, I'm SO with you :)

  5. Fanvids usually annoy me, often b/c of the trite/obnoxiously loud and sweet music they play, but this one was excellently done (I even own some of that music), not a simple gushing over the show, but a commentary about the characters and their individual and coupled archs - I really dug it. Makes me want to get Castle on dvd and do it all over again, hoping that the writers come around and do them justice - I hope they "make it", too. :)