Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Introducing: The Avenues

What The Avenues is:
The Avenues covers the time period (4 months) between books 1 and 2 in the Rhea Jensen series. The story is told from Ty's POV and begins on the day he meets Rhea. This is a book about how their relationship develops.

What The Avenues isn't:
This book isn't a Rhea Jensen mystery, hence, it is not a part of Rhea's series which is also one of the reasons The Avenues is currently only available as an ebook.

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A little bit more back story and information:
The Avenues has been in my head from the beginning of the Rhea series. I debated writing it back in 2004, before the first edition of Welcome to Stalk Lake City, but it just wasn’t a story that Rhea wanted to tell. If you haven’t noticed, Rhea’s a bit tight lipped when it comes to her emotions, so during the four months between books 1 and 2 in her series she pretty much held up a sign that read, Nothing to see here!
Except the sign didn’t block all that much from my author eyes because Ty was standing right next to her, basically setting off fireworks to get my attention. 

In the end, Rhea won. It was her series, her voice, and she didn't want to talk about it. BUT, I can tell you that had she followed her original plan, Welcome to Stalk Lake City would have never happened and Rhea would have been back home by her birthday. The reason she missed that invisible deadline wasn’t something she really wanted to admit to herself—or anyone else for that matter (even though one person was savvy enough to catch on and investigate).

Why did Rhea stay? Well, that's where the until-now, untold story of The Avenues comes in.

A heads up for parents and clean readers:
Ty is not active in the church when Rhea meets him. He drinks and finds himself in adult situations, which are not situations traditionally explored in LDS fiction. So while The Avenues is technically PG, let's expand that definition to say it's rated "Prime Time" because bars, drinking, and forward women are featured. But for those of you who want to see Ty on a more three-dimensional level, I think it's a journey worth taking.

And since Rhea is unwilling to tell this part of the story through her eyes, Ty gets to tell it in his own unique way. In truth, I almost wish he voiced more books in the series. Ty is very easy to write for. J

I suggest parents read it before their children do, which is a practice I know many of my readers implement. Some parents choose to not let their teens read my books while others use the books to open the door to difficult conversations. I respect both choices equally. And while this makes it sound like The Avenues is highly objectionable, that’s not the case. But Ty does many things that do not reflect the values of the church, and I know some readers don’t want that in a “clean” read.

Why I wrote The Avenues:
I finally decided to write The Avenues when I saw a blog of a reader who was going off on how she wanted to know how Ty and Rhea ended up together. She then proceeded to list a series of questions she wanted answered, and as I read I realized I had all of her answers locked in my brain and that somebody actually wanted to read them.

So, if you like this book, you can thank a ranting blog post of a reviewer.

Hope you enjoy!
All that said, I give you The Avenues. Please feel free to review it and spread the word because it is you, the readers, who will decide 100% whether this book is read. Its future lies fully with you, your reviews, and recommendations.

As always, thanks for reading! An author couldn't ask for more.

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