First Chapters

Meet Rhea (Ray) Jensen, a pint-sized private investigator for people who like to pay into the five-, six-, and seven-figures to get a job done. Rhea's not down on her luck. Her car doesn't suck or blow up, but she's got her own set of problems. And not to point fingers or anything, but those problems seemed to show up the same day as two Mormon missionaries. Hence, the upfront disclaimer:

If you like sass and a fair share of action, the Rhea Jensen may be just what you're looking for. Seven titles are planned in the series (although only five are from Rhea's point of view). Titles include:

City of Angels (released June 2010)
The Avenues (released March 2012)- Tie-in novella from Ty's perspective
Welcome to Stalk Lake City (released August 2010)
City Limits (released October 2010)
KaysVille (released December 2010) - Book written from the perspective of Kathryn McCoy
UnPleasant Grove (January 2012)
Memory Lane (TBA)

Start reading any of the titles now by visiting, clicking on the title, and choosing "Look Inside." It'll let you get a few chapters in so you know if you want to keep on reading.