Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LDS StoryMakers: What do you want to learn?

Last year I attended LDS StoryMakers thinking it would be a cute, local convention. A fun "ra-ra" and gathering of local talent.

I came away highly impressed. The classes were first rate and the information on par with what was presented at BEA a few weeks later.

This year I get to be a presenter. My topic is: Your Marketing Web, and I'm currently putting together the PowerPoint for what will be a very fun class. The class won't be that long, but I wanted to open the floor to requests on subjects that are on your mind right now that I can potentially answer for you regarding marketing plans.

And in case you want to be in my class, I'm teaching on Saturday, although I'm not sure what time. It'll be fun, though, and I'll make sure you walk away empowered and focused :)


  1. Yay! I'll be there for sure--front and center. I'll rotate between asking dumb questions and making funny faces. How's that? :)

    Seriously though, you'll be fantastic. One thing I'd love for you to bring up is that books are not sold by posting a link to Amazon every day or constantly bringing up your books in every tweet or comment. That will only annoy people. Like me. :) In other words, along with all the do's, it would be a good idea to list some don'ts.

    If anything else comes to mind, I'll be back. :)

  2. I'm so on it :)

    Can't wait to have you front and center... and I dare you to really pull faces. lol