Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Focus, Focus, Focus, Focus

ADD has its perks. It brings with it limitless ideas while simultaneously making it impossible to make all the options possible. But possible or not, the ideas pop like popcorn, one after another, while tickling the senses.

And so it is, when I'm about half way to finishing a book that another book comes along, all shiny new, and starts tap dancing in front of my computer screen. How can I not look at it? It's so... charismatic.

I think that's why a lot of people start books and never finish them. An idea comes, does its dance, and by the time it's done you've got a few scenes, but not a whole book. Actually sticking with a story all the way until it's completed can be a lot like dating a person who always wants to talk about the same thing and just assumes you care.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my muses. Anyone who's met me knows that, but some of them mumble... or just take off on vacations without telling me. -OR- even worse, they get bored of their own stories and just walk away. SERIOUSLY! They just up and leave, and I'm left with the hodgepodge of snippets they begged me to record. Once they know they've told the fun stories, they sigh in satisfaction, pat themselves on the back and go on their merry way, still believing they've handed over solid gold.


Anyway, I say all this because I have this muse enticing me to drag my feet on "The Cannon Curse" (which seriously needs a new name) so I can invest some time in her. And I'll confess: she kicks ***. I'm totally writing her story next. I don't think she'll let me sleep if I don't. All I can do is beg her for a little patience. Her story is rich and full of things I don't know, so it will take a lot of research on my side anyway.

So (begin note to Muse) patience, dear Muse. I hear you. I'm thinking of you. I'm getting to know you, even if I'm not spending hours typing what you have to show. Even if I'm telling someone else's story while you're trying to talk to me.

I hear you.

But before we can hang full time, Mike, Luke and Rori need to find their happy endings... even if they take a somewhat bizarre path to said happy ending.

(end note to Muse)

As promised, there will be sass. There will be fun and there will be (a form of) romance.

So feel free to crack the whip on me, because I can't wait to finish the Cannon Curse and give you some romance, Pratt-style :)

If only I can focus, focus, focus, focus and FINISH!


  1. Yay for inspirations, even if they are often ill-timed.

  2. I am so glad that I am not alone in skipping from one thing to another...for me it is projects (I wish I could say it was writing...I can't seem to get anywhere when I try) but I start lots of little projects never to finish!

  3. True that, Windy. that's fro the glass half-full reminder :)

    And Chris, you sooooo not alone. So very NOT alone :)