Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Writing, Writing, Writing...

So, I'm trying to be productive. I really am, even though it's hard to feel productive when you sit in the same seat all day--which really isn't a chair, but a trunk you've been using as a chair because you gave your other real chair away when you moved and it didn't fit in your new space.

Yeah, I totally need a chair. One of those ergonomic ones. That would rock!

Anyway, Kay'sVille is due in 4 weeks and I want to have my YA fantasy book finished in 2 weeks.

Yes, you heard right. YA Fantasy, which may seem a strange departure away from LDS mystery, but it truly is my passion. I think I technically fall into what is becoming the "New Adult" category, but in about 2 weeks I will unveil this project you as I launch my campaign to get an agent before the end of September.

Yes, again you heard right. *channels Veruca Salt* "I want an agent, and I want one now!" And I'm totally going to need your help in convincing said agent that I'm the author they've been praying for every time they open an email. Because, let's face it, agents out there want to find rock star authors, so that just means it's time for me to rock out, right?

That's what I'm working on this week: become future agent's fantasy author.

Oh, and write Kay'sVille... and finish the seriously awesome YA book I'm currently calling "The Few" (although title suggestions are TOTALLY welcome).

Now you're up to date on my life.

Back to writing... on a trunk. :)


  1. I'm so excited to read your YA fantasy! Let me know if you need a volunteer editor :)

  2. Hey, girl, are you querying Laura Rennert from Storymakers? I remember that you were enamored . . . so was I. :-)

  3. Welcome to fantasy! And good luck on your agent hunt. This doesn't involve shotguns and duck calls, does it? ;)

  4. Tranqs are not out of the question, Cheri. And Tracy, THANK YOU! I may very well take you up on that in a few weeks :D

    And Kim, oh how I wish out mutual crush would view me with favor. I should stalk more effectively so we have the chance to meet face to face again. Back in March I just wasn't ready for a relationship... ;P

  5. are you still going to do mystery / action books with Rhea Jensen or are you officially done?

  6. Hey LAR- there's definitely 2 more Rhea books in me after Kay'sVille. I don't think I'll drop that entirely. Especially if there's demand ;)