Monday, August 30, 2010

Anyone Got a Whip?

I need some help staying on task. I'm writing, all right, but I'm not writing what I should be writing. Kay'sVille is so close to done. In fact, I have to cut about 40 pages of content to get to word count, but my brain just isn't there. It's in YA Fantasy land. It's outplaying with Hex and my other muses (in the story that's going to win an award of some sort on September 18th. YAY!!!).

That's the thing about muses. You can't always dictate which ones are going to want to talk to you and when. And sometimes muses get sick of you. Well, not of you, in this case. Me. Is it fashion week somewhere, because Kay is MIA.

Two weeks. That's what I've got... two weeks of a bored dog staring at me in bafflement as to why I sit in the same spot...

All. Day. Long.

So close to done, but I need a kick in the pants. Any whip crackers out there?


  1. Come on girlfriend! 14 days? You haven't time to stare at the dog! What would Rhea do if she had a deadline?!? She'd kick some booty! Now get out your ipod and crank up some sassy tunes- Aint no Mountain High Enough, Walkin on the Sun (smash mouth), The Sweet Escape (gwen stefani) and most importantly, Stand Out from the Goofy Movie! Hope that helps, now get off your blog and get to work!!! :)please :)

  2. Oh, how sweet. You've missed me ;)

    All right. 10 pm. Twitter. Be there or ... well don't but then you won't get to #amwriting with me!

  3. now whip it
    into shape
    shape it up
    get straight
    go forward
    move ahead
    try to detect it
    it's not too late
    to whip it
    whip it good

    There you go! :)