Friday, July 30, 2010

I *Heart* Psych

I do. I love the USA Network's "Psych." Not only is it funny week after week, without getting old, but it seems to be the only show on television that can delay an inevitable romance season after season without resorting to cliches.

Seriously, that deserves a round of applause! Add that to the constant 80s references, their fun with pineapples, little insider digs and actors/producers fantastic, fluid chemistry, and I see several good seasons ahead.

I've been contemplating buying Season 1 so I can get friends hooked on this series and share little inside jokes so we can look like nerds together in public. And there's not excuse not to watch if you don't have cable, because the USA Network lets you watch online.


So, if there be any Psych fans among you already, can I get a "Hollah"? :) Let us not be alone in our love!


  1. Forgot the link: Check out episodes and the cast at Comic-Con here :)

  2. Psych is the best! I have watched it since the beginning. Sharing it with friends is a must because there are too many lines that need to be shared as inside Jokes.

  3. Love it! So funny, and I just adore Gus.

  4. I will forever thank Skagway, Alaska for not having TV available so that people sent us DVDs. One girl's boyfriend sent her season 1 of Psych and I watched it in a day. Beautiful. I must pay it forward!

  5. My husband and I love that show, although we've only found the pineapple once, which is maddening.