Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost... Need I Say More?

Raise your hand if you watched the Lost marathon last night.

I know I did... with an empty suitcase waiting to be packed for a business trip, I sat and watched Lost get its big send off with two friends.

When it was over, there was silence. Thoughtful silence of trying to figure out if we were fans of the ending... if the holes we thought were holes were really holes, or if we just weren't thinking it through enough.

In truth, I'm still thinking... as I pack, of course. And while today's trivia needs to be Lost themed, I know there is no trivia I could come up with that a Lost fanatic wouldn't get off the top of their heads. No, the true fan of Lost needs more of a challenge than trivia. A true fan of Lost needs to be able to explain the series... concisely.

Jimmy Kimmel actually shocked me a bit with his insight (did his writers write it for him?) that he thinks the entire show was Jack's journey/test--and that Jack passed. (Also, did any of you see the Debby Gibson video he made as a tribute? That's going to have about 1,000,000 hits in 24 hours!)

So this 2-part question is posed by me, but the winner will be chosen by concesus (as in the first one to post the theory that is most agreed upon). It will focus on two attached characters because they are, in turn, attached to the stories of the other surviving characters:

#1- At what point in the series do you think Jack acutally died?
#2- When did Kate die?

The popular theory in season 1 is that all the passengers died in the crash, but that the "survivors" were simply the people who didn't cross over. Do you still believe that, or something else?

Most popular answer wins!!!


  1. I was LOST years ago and quit watching, but I do have some good news. YOU won the Sunshine Award on my website. Here's the link- Have a great time on the business trip. :)

  2. Hey there - OK, so, I want to watch the finale again, just to soak in everything that happened and all that was said, and the order in which it all went down and how that seemed to be related. BUT, on first view, I think that Jack actually died in that last frame, lying alone in the jungle, until Vincent ambled over to see him off. I do agree with Jimmy Kimmel - I think the show was basically Jack's journey towards being ready to embrace his own exit from this life and his emergence into a new one. One possibility that keeps coming to mind is that the Original Crazy Island Lady (The Man in Black and Jacob's Kinda Mother) was telling the truth when she said they could never get off the Island. Meaning, the flash-sideways was a mirage, not a real 2nd life - like I said, I'm still working it out, but I think that's what Locke meant when he said to Jack, "But, you don't have a son." I also think that, as we've seen, time is relative on the Island, so, who knows how long Jack was down in the heart of the Island, and, in the meantime, what adventures happened for Hurley/Ben, and what happened w/Kate. I haven't pondered when she may have died enough yet to give that question a decent shot. But I think the end point of the story was that, once Jack 'fulfilled his purposes' on the Island, and had learned about himself what he needed to learn, then, the 2 Jacks merged and he was free to let go, and move on. I think I may seriously start from the beginning and view it all again. The thing is, I'd love to - and I know I'd get new things out of it, and that's a compliment I can't give to any other show on t.v. right now. I'm going to miss the characters, and the winding, weaving story. I never "left the Island" throughout the 6 seasons, and I'm still glad of that, in the end.

  3. It's a beautiful gift a show gives us when it makes us think this deeply...

    I'll leave this open to see if anyone agrees with you, Elizabeth.

    And Wendy, I won an AWARD?!?! Yeeha! I have to go check it out!!!!!!