Friday, May 21, 2010

Day #10

Sorry for the SUPER late post! Where does the time go? You start working and suddenly it's 11:00. Totally crazy!

So this is a trivia question for those following TV series finales. Any of you who are my friend on Facebook may have seen my last update that Grey's Anatomy knows how to do a finale. Granted, I only saw three episodes this season, but I thought I would give the season finale a chance.

It was totally old school--which meant I HAD to watch it. Circa 1980's, it actually took the No Holds Barred approach of "no one is safe." Call me twisted, but I found it refreshing after all of the "safe" finales simply perpetuating other show's status quos.

So today's trivia is a pop culture question: List the characters that were shot by the lone gunman in last night's season finale of Grey's Anatomy AND (maybe this part isn't google-able) name the characters who did not turn into weeping, sobbing babies after encountering the gunman.

(Seriously, there was a lot of indulgent freaking out in this episode, which was the only thing I felt didn't work. Some people freak out in a crisis, but most have the sense to do what needs to be done in the moment i.e. hand a doctor something they need while they're holding a would shut and NOT trying to run away into the hall in the direction the gunman went... that's just me, though)

First correct answer WINS :) Have fun!!!


  1. Those who got shot: Dr. Alex Karev, Dr. Reed Adamson, Dr. Percy, Dr. Owen Hunt, Dr. Derek Shepherd

    Those who didn't turn into weeping, sobbing babies : Dr. Derek Shepherd, Dr. Richard Webber, Dr. Lexie Grey, Dr. Owen Hunt, Dr. Torres, and Dr. Robbins

  2. Not to mention the no-names who were shot and died in the halls...

    Karen, you ABSOLUTELY win!


  3. DANG - props to Karen. I'm not a follower of the show, but it caught my eye last night, and I flipped back and forth (mostly back) during the show. The scene w/the surgeon and the (Please forgive me) really sassy, short black female surgeon (like her a lot) and Mandy Moore (HUH?) had me in tears. My Gosh, the drama, but what a ride! It was dramatic w/o being cheap and desperate - props to the writers/actors, etc. Well played.