Monday, February 4, 2013

Two Tips

Hi all!

Two quick thoughts:

Tip #1
I'm getting feedback that some readers are really glad they read "The Avenues" before "Unpleasant Grove." So if you haven't read Ty's version of what happened between books 1 & 2, I'll officially give you the tip that reading it might make Book 5 more of a fun ride. (And readers, feel free to chime in on this recommendations and share your thoughts.)

Tip #2
I will teaching a class at this year's Storymaker Conference. It will be on Saturday, after lunch. So if you plan on attending, I would love to see you there!

That's it. You may now get back to the intrigues of life. :)


  1. Devouredn UnPleasant Grove in 2 days - great book! Disappointed in rookie proofreading fails such as "the" for "then", "him" for "himself" and missing articles
    throughout. These editing mistakes mar your perfect prose. Cannot wait for number 6!

  2. Hi Polley! Always awesome to have your work devoured. Thank you! And about the edits... it is going through (yet) another editor before it goes to print, but I have to say that the day I have a book with no editorial mistakes, I will be throwing a large party indeed. The manuscript goes through 1...2...3... editors and yet simple edits are missed. And trust me, these editors know their stuff. It's a thankless job, methinks. That said, I hope the next batch of edits cleans house even more!

    Thanks for the support!