Saturday, September 3, 2011

Seeking Playlist Submissions

I'm one of those authors who has to write to a playlist. There is no right and wrong way to enter your personal writing zone. Some people need complete silence or to go rent a hotel room and write in a foreign atmosphere.

I need music.

Even if it's only one song on loop, I need a playlist for sustained writing. I hear the songs the first couple times they play, but after about ten minutes, the playlist swirls into white noise and creates the ambiance and mood of what I'm writing.

I'm currently working on two books. One is the fifth Rhea book and the other is an urban fantasy novel. Both need soundtracks. The urban fantasy has one song, but Rhea has NONE (which is also why her book isn't coming along as fast as the urban fantasy novel).

The fact that I'm not finding any music for Rhea indicates to me that the music might be found outside of my usual music resources. I know that it's upbeat/acton music. There is a ton of action in book 5 in addition to other tension, so I'm looking for music that doesn't quite let you relax.

For the urban fantasy, I'm thinking video games might have the music I'm looking for. I'm looking for a contemporary-classical sound without being cheesy. Epic. Only one song has made it for sure on the list, and I think I've listened to it on loop for at least twenty hours. It's time to add a new dynamic to the mix.

So... Any suggestions for either book? :)

Current urban fantasy playlist of one:


  1. Ok, this is an odd one, but it is totally my favorite when it comes on my music player when I am out for a run. It is called Mario Takes a Walk by Jesse Cook (it is flamenco style guitar)

    We've gotta get you writing some more Rhea...I just re-read the series, and I really want to know how things work out :)

  2. Oooh! Never heard of him before. Thanks for the introduction :) He doesn't fit my current needs, but he is a character waiting to happen, for sure!

  3. How about OK go's Invincible? or something by Switchfoot?

  4. I'd never heard Invincible before. Thanks for pointing it out. I don't know if it will make it on the list for this book, but it's under consideration :) Switchfoot as well!