Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Totally on Team Sasha

From Season 1 of So You Think You Can Dance, I've been in love with the show. In my little opinion, that's what reality TV should be. It's not so much a competition as a celebration of a common love. The dancers are a tight-knit group who cheer for each other, and nearly everyone walks away with a career in the industry, based not only on the exposure they received, but on the merit of thousands upon thousands of dedicated dancing they've put in over the years.

In nearly every case, each dancer on this show has every reason to have a career in dance.

It's awesome.

Even better? Each year the dancers seem to be a step up from the year before. It's kind of freaky, really.

I've had made favorite this year, as she's made it thus far in the competition. She may not be the most technically superior dancer, but she moves as if she can't help but dance and I LOVE watching her. She just can't help but dance, and it makes some part of me very, very happy to watch.

So here's me sending my vote into the universe for Sasha. And if you don't watch So You Think You Can Dance, I totally, totally recommend it.

Feel free to check out some of Sasha's performances below as a sampler, and watch other performances on or youtube. SO worth it!

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