Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh, yeah. They're lying...

Ever watch "Lie to Me"? The show is basically built on screen shots like this:

It's stunning to me how our unconscious, nonverbal communication is so consistent. Certain emotions evoke certain expressions--almost universally. I wish they taught college courses on it. I know I'd sign up.

Body language. I love it. Pictures like this make me want to pay more attention to it... starting tomorrow :D

When it comes to body language, what have you noticed is a universal "tell" into what a person is really thinking/feeling?


  1. You are so right. These men are all lying.

  2. Leaning away from people = don't like them. Also, many emotions are usually expressed through the eyes, even though the rest of the face may be neutral, the eyes are the give-a-way.

  3. I love Lie To Me, that show is fascinating.
    Sometimes you can just tell when someone is lying by the way their voice rises, and they won't look you in the eye when saying No, I didn't do that.

  4. Lar'n, I've very guilty of the eye one. You can read me like a book. And yes, Mary, I believe it's tension that raises the larynx, which narrows the passage air flows through and makes the voice higher... Or something like that. The point is that it happens when people are tense when they speak. :)

    Which reminds me, I've done exactly ZERO people watching today.


  5. Body language has always fascinated me. I picked up a lot of instinctual knowledge about body language and behaviors because of my childhood history, but there's so much I could still learn. I'm also interested to see what body language, etc, would say about me and what I do. :)

  6. Ugh. I'm quite terrified as to what I would see/learn by watching myself. Let's just say that I'm sure it would be eye opening, and probably not much of a lift to my self esteem...