Thursday, May 12, 2011

Traveling Summer

This winter has been a KILLER. Cold and dragging on FOREVER. I mean, it's driven me to write in all caps, if that's any indication of how intolerable it's been.

The good thing about such weather? It has gifted me with the desire to travel--all summer long. I want to head up to the Pacific northwest as well as east, so I can see areas I've previously only viewed from an airplane window.

Can't wait!

And in order to help me schedule this, I'm going to put up polls listing independent book stores in the area that I could visit and do signings at. If you'd love for me to come to your area, just pick the book store nearest you. If none of them are near you, feel free to offer me suggestions as well. These are just independents I know for certain carry/can order in my book.

So vote away, and I hope our paths cross soon!


  1. I'm thinking you won't be in that area, but just in case, here's a shout out for The Book Nook in Atlanta,GA

  2. There's always room for a shout out :) I'm sure the day will come when I see the store for myself!