Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Different Approaches

They say that every story has been told and all we can do is find new ways to tell old favorites. They same the same about music. Every chord progression and every rhythm combination has been done and we just keep repackaging them as something new.

What do you think? True?

Either way, I do enjoy different deliveries of the same material. It stimulates a part of my brain that spends most of its time in lethargic slumber. My recent favorite of different deliveries of the same song is the reason for this blog.

Do you have a favorite? I think it goes unsaid which of these is my favorite, and why.

Brilliant. Simply brilliant :)


  1. holy surprise me batman! I totally thought it was some old country band and so I was all ready to love the first song best. And then TADA! It's J-I-M-M-Y!!!!!!

    So yeah. NOW I know which one you like best. :D But you have to watch the first one to really appreciate the second one, lol.

    I can always count on Sheralynn for a good time. In, you know. The bloggy sense of the word ;)