Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Writing Update

I just realized that I don't really ever talk about writing here, which is something most writers do on their blogs.

Well, I'm doing it now :)

I have two books on my radar right now, and I wrote segments in each of them today. They are:
  • Cannon Curse (we should start voting on new titles. What do you think of "Perfectly Flawed"? That's the only suggestion I've had so far. Any other suggestions?)
  • New Solomon
Cannon Curse is a romantic comedy that is totally close to done... which means that I abruptly have zero desire to finish it, all the characters are having identity crises, and I've suddenly decided the climax is lame and want to go back to the drawing board.

You know. The usual.

Then there's "New Solomon" (I actually like that title, so until a publisher overturns it, that one is sticking), which is an urban fantasy book that I'm kind of in love with--and by "in love" I mean: the research alone to do a decent job of it could take me years but impulsive little me wants it done in 6 months. So there's kind of an internal battle there.

But just a little one. ;-P

And that's basically where I'm at. Today was one of those days where I literally abandoned my keyboard, laid down on the floor and stared at the ceiling thinking, "Really? Is writing really what I should be doing with my time? There's gotta be a thousand better things to do on a Tuesday night..."

Yep. One of those days. *sigh*

And that's my update. Once I figure out the new climax, Cannon Curse will have a completed first draft.

I'm SO looking forward to that day... Those are the fun days to be a writer.


  1. I can't wait to read both! ( I'm a sucker for Romantic Comedy, so finish Cannon Curse...kay? :) ..or whatever it will be titled.... How about (un)Lucky in Love?)

  2. Okay, I love Perfectly Flawed. It's well . . . perfect! :)

  3. Chris- Unlucky in Love? Me likey. It also made me think of Love: Take Two.

    Meh. Maybe not.

    And Rachael, your vote is totally noted. No one has more perfect book titles than you :)

  4. Love: Take Two...very cute! (by the way, I like Perfectly Flawed too..just thought I would throw another idea out there!)

  5. Really excited to read the Cannon Curse. You should definitely keep updating about your writing - like giving more detailed synopsis of the story! :)
    Out of curiosity... what about rhea?

  6. Book 5 of Rhea is very much in my head right now, but Perfectly Flawed/Cannon Curse needs to come first. If I start Rhea, she'll take over for sure. Book 5 (UnPleasant Grove) is a fun, snarky, are-you-serious ride. Lots of action and unusual research. Plus (no pressure), my sales for the previous 4 books have to show my publisher that there's a demand for the book, or they'll shoot it down.

    The joy of business.

    One question: What are your thoughts if I put the current first two chapters up on this site for you to look at and vote which book you want to read next?

    Thumbs up?

  7. Judging by the poll on the side, I'd say its unanimously thumbs up!