Thursday, February 3, 2011

Okay, SLIGHT change of plan...

So slight bummer: the stickers aren't going to make it here in time for Saturday's Authorpalooza.


But on the "yay" side, the universe compensated by getting me something else ahead of schedule: Rhea's business cards. This business card is like the one Rhea gives Kay in book 2 that has Kay rolling her eyes.

So it's not as cool as the sticker, but I really pulled out all the stops I could. Local places don't make stickers the way I want them, and out-of-state places only ship so fast. I guess good things will just have to come to those who wait (which includes me... and I hate waiting).

Still can't wait to see you all on Saturday! And those of you who stop by will be the first to snag one of Rhea's business cards. They might just make you smile...

See you from 1-4 pm at the South Towne Barnes & Noble :)


  1. Oh Man! I want a business card, but it's too stinking far out there for me!

  2. Oh, you'll get one. Once I get all my goodies in a pile, I'll let you know how :)