Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Break in the Moratorium

I know self-selected news reporters have decreed a Sarah Palin moratorium during the month of February (the shortest month of the year... just sayin'). I don't know if any of those reporters are going to live up to their pledge not to say her name this month, but I'm going to mention her for the first time today.


Because I LOVE it when people follow through on random conversations. The particular conversation being highlighted today was one had last summer while playing tourist at a Twi-Hard convention of some sort. I don't remember. I just remember who I was with and that somehow we tripped into the idea of starting the comic book:

Sarah Palin: Werewolf Hunter (or as I like to say it, Sawah Pawin: Wew-woof Huntew)

My friend whipped out a pen and started storyboarding the concept while I laughed and mentally moved on to something else in about 90 seconds, as I'm prone to do.

Then today, months and months later, I get this in my inbox:

Needless to say, I laughed my head off. This friend used Amazon's "Create Space" to self-publish the book, and grabbed some play dough to make the spell-binding trailer below. (Man, I WISH I had claymation skills!)

Enjoy... and remember, the only one stopping you from achieving your dreams is you. Anything is possible. Clearly :)


  1. Well now that's just awesome. Good for your friend for making a fun idea just come to life like that! And as for the material...priceless! :)

  2. wow your friend has way too much time.

  3. Oh my freakin' heck. That's hysterical. (And I could totally hear you saying it in your, um, particularly funny way)

    Oh and BTW, given how much I heard SP's name while listening to the news this morning, the news peeps have totally failed to reach their goal.

  4. Meadow- Seriously priceless, right? I think my favorite part is the look of joy on the wolf's face when it scores. lol

    Windy- I know. It really does seem like some people have more time to work with than the rest of us :)

    Ali- Poor news people. Selling themselves out for ratings. Tut-tut. :) It must suck to be controlled by advertising rates.