Monday, November 15, 2010

Muse Music

Many of you know that I'm one of those writers with music playing as she writes. Music gives me my vibe and informs a lot about the characters. That said, here are 3 of the muse songs for "The Cannon Curse." I'm looking for more, but this is what I have so far.

And yes, E, the first song is at your request ;)

Hope you enjoy, and please let me know if, like E, there's a song you recommend.

U2- All I Want is You

Dave Carroll- Now

Rihanna- Only Girl in the World


  1. I informed your Muse Music list?! That's So Rad!!! Ah man, I'm stoked about that - I can't wait to read your version of a "romance" novel - like you said, you write chemistry stories rather than "romances" - you write people, not caricatures of people, so I Know this book's gonna be fun, thoughtful, well-paced, and believeable. Can't Wait!

  2. you have such a girl crush on Rihanna. It makes me giggle.

    But it's okay. I have a girl crush on her too! lol

  3. I have to listen to music too, but mine is just random. I don't pick specific songs for specific characters or projects. I might have to try it, though.

  4. E- I'm working on making my book all you say it will be... it's not there yet, so keep sending the vibes :)

    Windy, am I that obvious? :) Alanis, Pink, Rihanna... they just have good vibes for my writing, I guess :)

    And yeah, Angie, try it! It totally helps me!