Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Have You Seen These Boots?

Attention shoppers! Before I take out an ad on a milk carton, I thought I would ask your help first. All my life I've loved boots. Hats, coats and boots--those are my things that I'm picky about when it comes to clothes... even if you wouldn't know it by looking at me. I'm always on the hunt, though, and I've finally found some boots I want:

I want these boots. It's that simple. Wherever they are, whatever they cost, I want to slip them on my feet and at least take them on a test drive to see if they're what I imagine them to be.

So, if you've seen these boots PLEASE leave a comment with a link or contact info and I'll take it from there.



  1. they look pretty sassy if you ask me- I'll keep my eye out! :)

  2. I ALMOST bought a pair today at DSW. 12" mid-calf, but then I remembered I'm not settling.

    Hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving!

  3. I found some similar- but with a heel. 14"
    I may have to get a pair, too! :)

  4. Nice. I literally spent 5 hours today trying on boots. Nordstrom, Macy's, Dillards, and several others. The hunt continues.

    Also, I sold one of your books at my signing today. lol. I'm certain they'll love it :D

  5. well, thankyou. Let me know if you find "the one"- I sold the whole series at my last signing... I need to get the 4th! :)Miss you-

  6. I have totally not seen these boots. But then, I'm not a shopper. However, I can't wait to see these boots on YOU! Good luck!

  7. Thanks, Ali. The closest I've found are some Chanel boots that have obscenely large logos on them.

    Why, Chanel, whyyyyyyyyy?!?!?