Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things?

Of all the many things that are odd about me, this is one: I don't know what I like.

For those of you who are thinking you read that last statement incorrectly, let me restate: as a rule, I don't know what I like. I usually just notice what is and make due. Those of you who know me know how hard it is to pick a place to go out to eat, unless I'm having a specific craving. I'll always go wherever you want to go and make due. There's bound to be something there I like, and most places are pretty similar anyway.

But after years of pop quizzes about what I like and funny looks when I don't have answers--or better yet, people telling me what I like and having it be news to me (even though I agree)--I've decided to put a list together of likes, so that when people ask me what I want, I have ready-made answers.

I've only had to do this once before, while I was on my mission. I learned with each companion that apparently all girls picked out baby names for their future children, because every companion brought it up while tracting. By the time I made it to companion number three, I had some names picked out and it saved me the whole, "You haven't picked out even one name? Haven't you thought about it? I have, like, twelve but you have to promise not to use them if I tell you."

I promise, sisters, I will not be stealing any of your names for the naming of actual children. I cannot promise, however, that those names will not make it into a book ;)

Anyway, now that I've disclosed how completely unparticular I am in matters of personal preference, please join me as I list a few things I like (before I forget them):

Favorite Drink:

This drink is new on my radar, but I love ginger. Love it. As a rule I hate sugar in drinks--even ones with natural sugars--and usually opt for water, but I do love ginger beer. And no worries, kids. Just like butter beer in Harry Potter, ginger beer is non-alcoholic. And this brand in particular has a great balance between too sharp and too bland.

Favorite Food:

Ummmm, I'm still working on this one. But basically I like things for how they feel once they hit my body, not so much how they taste. Finding one that both tastes good and feels good? That's a holy grail!

Favorite Music:

Can a friend help me out here? I kind of feel all over the map when it comes to music.

Favorite Restaurant:

TOTALLY drawing a blank here...

Favorite Books:

You don't know about them yet, but I'll write them as soon as I can so we can talk about them ;-P

Favorite Way to Chill-ax:

This one I know, even though I live in the wrong place to do it: bonfire on a beach. No contest.

Favorite Candy:

Depends entirely on the mood, but chocolate is good. I'm also a sucker for rice krispy treats, banana Laffy Taffy, and Peppermint Almond Roca (yes, I know that sounds wrong on the onset, but try it. SOOOO good).

Favorite Color:

*sigh* How can this question not be subjective? Don't we all like different colors depending on where we see the color? Our favorite color on a wall may not be our favorite color of shirt or flower. But I'll usually pick a summer or winter color when answering this question :)

There you have it: my favorite things... so far.

Anything else I should add to the list that I left off?


  1. Thanks for basically giving like ... zero straight answers. Apparently applying the "no, you have to pick JUST ONE favorite" rule wouldn't work for you either, huh?

  2. Well, and you love that green frothy looking drink you always have when we get together. What's that thing called? You seemed pretty sure about that!

  3. Ha. Good point, Windy...

    And Ali, you're so RIGHT! I love my matcha. I'm super picky about that and chai.

    Mmmmmm. Gotta add those to the list :)

  4. You might like to look at other ginger beer options here: http://www.sodapopstop.com/products/browse.cfm?link=4