Friday, October 15, 2010

Which Book Will Sheralyn Write Next? YOU Choose!

Okay, so here they are: the romantic book options based on YOUR suggestions. (A note to Laura: I toyed with adding the UFO one on here, but I just don't think it's the best one to pitch to my publisher straight out of the gate, although I think it would be a blast!)

Below are 3 synopses. On your right is a poll showing each of their titles. You can vote once. There must be a minimum of 100 votes and the winning story must win by at least 10 votes or the voting continues until there is AT LEAST a 10-vote spread.

Once there are over 100 votes with a clear winner, I'll hop right on it and write you all a rollercoaster romance that will have you laughing, sighing, and smiling.


So choose the one most likely to make you swoon, and be ready to be swept off your feet.

Option #1: The Cannon Curse

Mike Cannon’s family history reads like a Shakespearean comedy of errors, thanks to what has come to be known as “the Cannon Curse.” The Cannon men are known to fall in love first, fall in love hard, and fall in love once. And the women they love always—always—have the opposite reaction.

Having heard the stories of romatic toil and rejection all his life—including his own brother’s tale of falling love in the 5th grade only to have wait until his wife was 23 to even like looking at him—Mike has developed a plan of attack: be irresistible to all females, and when the right one comes along she won’t be able to refuse.

Unless, of course, she just happens to be engaged to his best friend.

Option #2: Polyga-Date

As dirt-poor graduate students at the University of Utah, Alex and his roommates have developed the perfect system of dating: the “Polyga-date.” With an uneven amount of guys and girls, no official couples, and everyone paying for themselves, these polyga-dates are the perfect way to a.) not spend money on a girl, while b.) still getting their flirt on, and c.) enjoying welcome breaks from intense school and work schedules.

For years the polyga-date system worked until Denver, the little sister of one of Alex’s oldest friends, starts joining in. Back from completing her Bachelor’s degree back East, Denver isn’t the shy little sister Alex remembers, and Alex can’t believe he’s the only one who objects to her going on multiple dates each week and... well, acting just like one of the guys.

It might be a double standard to disclude her from the polyga-dates, but all Alex knows is that if they don’t, eventually some guy is going to get punched.

Option #3: Quick Steps

Before Lace Campbell ever walked, she had danced. Nothing made her feel more alive and she’d built a business on teaching others to share in her passion. She’d proudly believed she could teach anyone to dance—until she met Mac Deveraux.

For six months Mac has stumbled through her classes three times a week, his movements so awkward that more than once she’d been tempted to close the studio blinds. Forcing herself to have a candid conversation with Mac about how worthwhile the classes are for him, she discovers his true motivation for learning. It’s for a girl. Mac’s in love with a co-worker at his software company. He’s known her for years but has never had the guts to ask her out because she swears up and down she won’t consider any man who can’t dance.

Willing to help the poor guy on his plight, Lace spends an evening spying on Mac’s lady love and devises a new plan of attack. She’ll do better than teach Mac to dance. She’ll teach him all the right moves to win the girl so that in the end everyone will get what they want.

Or will they?

Any of these catch your interest? Vote now!


A few hours after posting the poll, I went to a reception and caught this AMAZING bouquet. (Seriously, pictures don't do justice and you should TOTALLY smell it. Sabs, thanks for tossing it! Pretty sure I would have kept it if it were mine...)

What d'ya think? Is this a good omen for a rockin' romance?

I choose to believe that it is :)


  1. I am jealous of your skills at writing cover copy. But where are the pirates????

  2. I'm voting for ALL of them.... You have 3 romance novels that you can write. Can't wait to read them! :)

  3. The pirates are in Option 2: Polyga-Date :)

    And yay, glad you like my copy :)

  4. Polyga-Date, hands down!!! It's time to introduce that term into the common vernacular - Do It!

  5. No way! I'm down for Cannon Curse! This counts for ten votes, p.s. :D

  6. First choice: Cannon Curse!! Second Choice: Quick Steps... #2 hits WAAYYYY too close to home for me hahaha

  7. Oooo those are all so interesting I'd pick them all up off the shelf to read!!!! Can you hurry and write them, I can't wait!

  8. Polyga-Date by a hair, The Cannon Curse is a close second :)

  9. Way to catch the bouquet! Definitely a good omen! As for the poll...I really want to read all of them, so you better write quick! I am in need of a new book!

  10. Couple Questions:
    How old exactly is Mike Cannon? Explain a little more about how his family is like the Comedy of Errors? Is it just his family history and has nothing to do with the story, or does it have everything to do with it?
    Pirates in Option 2?? Explain...

  11. Hmmmm. I haven't written a word of the story yet, but I picture him between 26-28, or so, and his family history has everything to do with the story. :)

    The pirates in #2 would not be official pirates. More of a shout out :)

    Hope that helps!

  12. I want the UFO book. But I'm voting for Quick Steps, mostly because I can't dance, either. (Or write romance, but that's another story. Or not, as the case may be.) :D

  13. I am totally all OVER number one! I might have to invent some aliases so I can vote more than once!

  14. I voted for #1, BUT I really want to see you write all three! They all sound awesome :)