Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Paying Homage

I'm one of those writers who uses music to channel my stories, and this time I really have to thank a few songs and artists who helped me pump out Kay'sVille in record time.

Below are the songs that helped me focus on the story that Kay wanted to tell. If you like the songs, you may just like the book. I figure that's a safe way to judge, right?

Either way, thank you Kelly C., P!nk, Nelly, Beyonce, and Kelly R. Feel free to check out their music here...


  1. Fantastic songs! I have a soft spot for Pink myself, and Kelly Clarkson too. Great list Shera!

  2. All I can say that is if you like P!nk, you'll like Kay. They are VERY much kindred spirits... :)